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Go For Hot Sands And Cold Cans Before The Wedding Bands

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The best thing about a bachelorette party is getting all your friends together and going somewhere spectacular, which doesn`t have to be far. It also gives you a much-needed respite from wedding planning. Many wonderful domestic locales range from Napa Valley to New York City. Of course, it opens the field to exciting international destinations like Amsterdam and beautiful Caribbean locations if you`re ready to venture further.

Are you at a loss on where to go on your final getaway before getting married? We have compiled the top locations for bachelorette parties both domestically and internationally. (Spoiler alert: The list did not include Las Vegas.) There are, however, certain party-heavy destinations like Miami and Buenos Aires, in addition to more sedate places you may have yet to think of previously but really ought to.


Las Vegas was the epicentre of alcohol-fueled bachelorette parties for a while, but Miami Beach, which is known for its sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and upscale accommodations like the 1 Hotel South Beach and the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, has overtaken Sin City and established itself as the best spot to have your last date before getting married.


Bachelorettes have a bewildering choice of alternatives in New York City. There is too much to do in the Big Apple, whether your plans involve shopping for the entire day, taking a stroll through Central Park for fresh air, going on a food crawl, or visiting one of the many museums. Exciting group dinners at popular eateries, pop-up exhibitions, Broadway productions, and more than 2,000 nightlife options demonstrate why the City That Never Sleeps truly lives up to its moniker.


It`s no secret that Amsterdam is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. It`s got pubs, many "coffee shops," and the notorious Red Light District. However, the Dutch city is also a cultural hotspot with more good museums than you could reasonably visit in a single trip, beautiful parks, chic hotels like Pulitzer Amsterdam and The Hoxton, and unforgettable boat cruises down the attractive and ancient canals.


Cabo San Lucas is the only choice when the bride wishes to have a warm-weather vacation at an amazing five-star resort where tequila and tacos are always on the menu. Located on the southern point of Mexico`s Baja California peninsula, this holiday hotspot is a popular destination for bachelorette parties. It is also a hub for water sports and nightlife, so you can spend your day jet skiing and you’re evenings dancing to live music.


Paris is more than simply a destination for lovers; it`s also a global hub for fashion, art, and cuisine, with more charm per square foot than any other city could hope to match. Fun tourist activities like boating on the Seine and skip-the-line tours of the Eiffel Tower ensure that your bachelorette party will be remembered for a lifetime.


San Diego has some of the best weather in the world; it`s a sun-loving city welcoming in the spring, summer, fall, and winter alike. Furthermore, it is unmatched in the activities area. Go to the beach, learn how to surf, see the San Diego Zoo, eat real Mexican food, and sample beers from the several breweries.


Travel + Leisure readers are not the only ones who find Charleston charming; girl squads are no different. The Holy City offers delicious Lowcountry cuisine, candy-coloured architecture, cobblestone streets, and a generous helping of Southern charm. Couples who are friends can anticipate sipping cocktails and checking into a chic boutique hotel such as The Pinch.


Grace Bay is one of the world`s most stunning beaches, as is well known. It would be the most amazing bachelorette party to check into a gorgeous beachside resort and wake up to turquoise tides crashing into immaculate white beaches. In addition, Providenciales offers exciting island-style dining options like Da Conch Shack and entertaining activities like boat trips to nearby islets and snorkelling tours.


Few locations in the world of wine can compare to Napa Valley or a glass of it. Furthermore, it`s unmatched in terms of the actual tasting sensation. Some stunning, expansive vineyards offer oaky chardonnay and robust red wines. The area has so many amazing restaurants, ranging from upscale Michelin-starred restaurants to more laid-back farm-to-table restaurants.


Nosara resembles a choose-your-own-adventure type of game. Engaged brides (and maids) will seize the opportunity to participate in ATV tours through the verdant jungle and group surf training. Yoga classes, lounging on the beach, and sunset cocktails at a breezy outside bar are examples of more relaxed activities. Budget-friendly boutique hotels like Yaxa Nosara and trendy hostels like Selina Nosara make it easy to book a place your whole group will like without breaking the bank.