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All You Need Is Love And Laughter In Every Play

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Valentine`s Day doesn`t have to be limited to romantic bouquets, decadent candies, and adorable crafts. Instead, use vigorous games to get youngsters` hearts racing for a party or family outing. Cut out paper hearts, and then personalize them with a sticker, stamp, or unique drawing. Arrange them in a pile on a blanket or sheet. The sheet is held in the air by players positioned around its edges. Demonstrate to them how moving the sheet, if softly at first, also moves the hearts. After that, instruct them to prepare for the Valentine`s shower. Everyone lifts the sheet and pulls hard on the count of five, sending the hearts soaring high. Let the hearts fall like rain when you drop the sheet. Gamers gather as many as they are able. Give a gift to the player who gets the most hearts marked or to everyone who earns at least one, if you`d like.




In this fast-paced game for five to twelve players, the heart is represented by a red ball or beanbag. Kids should face each other while standing in a circle. Give your heart to one player. They have to throw the heart to the player whose name they shout out. After that, the player continues in the same manner. For young youngsters, use only one "heart". Add more gradually to challenge older children.




Take out Halloween`s "Wrap the Mummy" game: All it takes to stay in character for Valentine`s Day is to replace the toilet paper with pink or red crepe paper streamers. Players must completely encircle a teammate without destroying the crepe paper to win.




Any relay event can be given a Valentine`s Day spin. Replace the egg in an egg-and-spoon recipe, for instance, with a jiggly gelatin heart. Use conversation hearts instead of coins for drop-the-penny. Use red or pink balloons or a heart-shaped cushion for a balloon relay.




Here`s another idea for a relay race. Cut out some paper hearts, then write the following directions on each one: You can also skip, crabwalk, link arms with a teammate, and so on. Arrange these in a bucket or dish at one end of the space. Divide the players into groups. A player from each squad runs to the bowl and selects a heart one at a time. After that, they rejoin their team and adhere to the directives written on the heart. Continue until all players have had a

chance to run or until every member of one team has had a turn.




Children participate in a skipping and hopping fundraiser in February to support the American Heart Association. Joining a fundraising team is still possible even if your child`s school doesn`t participate. After that, give the kids some old-fashioned jump rope rhymes to learn.



This is a Simon Says game for Valentine`s Day. A leader issues commands while facing the players. "Hug" refers to forming a circle with your arms raised over your head, resembling the "O" in "XOXO" for embraces and kisses. "Kiss" refers to jumping jack style, where you spread your arms and feet to make an X.




List kid-friendly fitness exercises like arm circles, sidekicks, frog hops, and jumping jacks. Add any available equipment, such as mini-trampolines, basketballs, and jump ropes.

Next, construct a poster displaying your activities. They could be arranged like a target, in concentric circles, or a list format similar to tic tac toe. Lay the poster down on the ground. After that, have the kids match the pictures and toss a beanbag—you can even make one in the shape of a heart—onto the poster. Each exercise can have a maximum number of reps, either total or indicated by the motions on the poster. Alternatively, you may assign participants a goal number of jumps, kicks, and so forth by having them roll a die or select a playing card.




Draw a hopscotch course outside using sidewalk chalk, substituting heart shapes for squares. The Painter`s tape or strong foam cutouts can accomplish the same look inside.

Turn the game up by including extra instructions like, "Blow three kisses" or "Pretend to shoot an arrow like Cupid," in case your marker hits outside the course boundaries or if you land on a specific spot.




Give children a task to locate paper hearts or other Valentine-themed items, such as pencils or erasers, by dispersing them in a certain area. This is a great game to play outside as well. If so, create Valentine`s Day ice cubes slightly colored with food coloring and conceal them as the treasure.

Use larger paper hearts in multiple colors, vintage Valentine`s Day cards, or images for an alternative look. Slice them into fragments and conceal the pieces. The youngsters must cooperate to put them back together after collecting them all.